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There's something strange going on in this house.  You might even say it's bananas.  Can you figure out what's happening?

What's in the house is a short mystery/puzzle game.  I'd tell you more, but honestly, I just don't want to ruin the mystery.


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Really strange and weird game! But I had fun playing and that's all that matters!

last game I played.... I didn't get what I was suppose to do 

can you make a version for windows

It is for Windows...


Gave it a go...

Pretty nice game. But the walking speed is a bit too slow IMO.


That being said, the pacing is good, and the overall layout of the game was very clear.
I had next to no trouble figuring out what to do or where to go.


Weird little game but I enjoyed it!

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Such Weird Game! wondering if you have any plans for the future with this game or ? 

No plans to add to this game, but a sequel is under consideration...

well, i've downloaded version with bug. The doors to wardrobe in bedroom are not sliding enough to let me through.

I have heard that reported once before, sadly.  For some reason, lowering the graphics quality apparently fixed it.  If that still does not work for you, I will be updating the game in about a day with a patch that should fix the issue.

lowering quality u say? i guess there is nothing lower than "Fastest" setting matey, but the game is interesting as far as i could go. I hope patch is incoming.

I can't replicate the issue on my end, so I'm reliant on reports I get from others.  in any case, the update was pushed out yesterday. 


this game was literally bananas! really strange but i loved it!! the ending too was literally what i expected! near enough XD great job on making this game! 

Suddenly bananas.
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Great Game! Lots of fun! Really awesome graphics and sounds. Loved the whole concept. Runs really good. Very well done!! LOVE the bananas!

Bananas?  I have no idea what you're talking about.


This game was actually really good! I loved the idea of this whole game, from exploring the house and finding keys to being able to fly and become really small!

Deleted 1 year ago

This is kinda cute, I liked it.


That was... odd. But cool. And odd. :)


This was pretty nice. Looked cool with some great gameplay and puzzles. Ran very smoothly with great sound without any problems. Really well done... :)


Very well put together and thoroughly enjoyable. Well done DEVS and as for the end .... hahahahaha

I highly recommend playing what's in the house even if it's just to see the floating toilet roll ;)